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Founder Edward (Ed) C. Meier started in the trucking industry in 1978. Ed Meier started out hauling steel on flatbeds as an owner operator but as steel slowed, he transitioned to dry van and started growing his business. In September of 1988, ECM Transport, LLC was created as a six truck, twelve trailer operation based out of Springdale, PA. Today, over 40 years since Ed began his trucking journey, ECM Transport, LLC has diversified itself as a true transportation solutions provider and technology innovator, committed to delivering unique, high-value, and customized solutions to its customers.

The company offers a true transportation solution to companies in the contiguous 48 states and Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, including:

  • Truckload
  • Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Dry Bulk Tanker
  • LTL
  • Expedited
  • Customized Solutions

ECM TRANSPORT has been providing regional and multi-regional transportation and logistics solutions for over 30 years. Over the years, we have created a network of company-owned trucks, providing our customers a variety of asset and non-asset-based solutions that service every corner of the United States and Canada.

At ECM TRANSPORT, we know time is of the essence. We have used our legacy Truckload service in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions (update the link to go to the Coverage Area page) to shape what our company is today. In addition to Truckload (TL) services, we have expanded our reach on the asset based side to include expedited services, reverse logistics (update the link to go to the Reverse Logistics page) and volume Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) (update the link to go to the LTL page)shipments; as well as a compliment of non-asset based solutions to service our customers’ needs throughout North America.

Our family-run business values hard work, respect, commitment and teamwork and our workplace is characterized by the high energy, enthusiasm and effort of our employees who thrive in this positive environment. We are committed to providing our customers with first-rate service, which starts with our employees’ dedication to our enterprise of services.

The commitment we have for safety and security (update the link to go to the safety and security page) is unmatched. We pride ourselves on posting industry leading Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores, as well as an industry low claims ratio to give you and your customers that piece of mind when your freight is in our hands. Our primary obligation to our customers and our community starts with the hiring and training of our team members and our pledge to put the safest drivers and equipment on the road.

From our experienced drivers to our knowledgeable office staff, ECM TRANSPORT has the desire and commitment to work together to develop a transportation solution that is truly customized to your needs.

Company History


Ed Meier purchased his first truck and begins hauling steel


  • Founded ECM Transport, LLC with 6 trucks and 12 trailers
  • Moved company to Oakmont, PA in 1989


  • Acquires Pennix Transportation in 1991
  • Dry Bulk Tanker Division
  • Incorporates electronic dispatching system
  • Purchased 9 terminals on the East Coast
  • Grows to 200 trucks and 750 trailers
  • Moved Headquarters to New Kensington, PA


  • Grows to 400 trucks and 1,500 trailers
  • Logistics and Reverse Logistics Division
  • Implemented ELD in 2007
  • Provides EDI solution
  • Celebrates 20th anniversary
  • Expanded service to Canada


  • Grows to 500 trucks and 2,000 trailers
  • Upgraded dispatching system
  • Moved Headquarters to Cheswick, PA
  • Acquires Motor Carrier Services in 2014
  • Partnered with Palmetto State Transportation in 2016
  • Celebrates 30th anniversary


  • Grows to 600 trucks and 2,600 trailers
  • Network of over 30 terminals
  • Partnered with Werner Enterprises