Shipment Tracking

ECM Transport provides reliable truckload service using our eight terminals and 18 drop yard locations.

ECM TRANSPORT has provided regional and multi-regional transportation and logistics solutions for over 30 years. Headquartered in Cheswick, PA, ECM has grown from a traditional Truckload service provider to offering our customers various asset & non-asset-based solutions that service the contiguous 48 states and Canadian provinces, Quebec, and Ontario.

Utilizing our 8 terminals and 18 drop yards throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, ECM is committed to delivering exceptional, claims-free on-time pickup and delivery performance, annually exceeding 98%.

Our hybrid approach to Truckload transportation and Logistics services provides our customers the flexibility in their supply chain to meet even their toughest challenges. ECM’s customer-centric philosophy is centered around delivering high-value, cost-effective transportation solutions.